Okay, I wanna give a tip to the ladies who are looking for the perfect mascara but till now still haven’t found it. Well, I’m one of those girls who always watch the commercials of mascara saying it looks like falsh lashes and this and that. Well for some girls, they do get that affect. But for the others girls that get totally the opposite affect and those who are having a dilemma on mascara … well I might have the answer to it. You will never see its mascara commercials. I’m talking about ”Inimitable” of Chanel. Yup, Chanel it is. I started using this mascara like 2 months ago and now that’s all i’m using. So here’s a shoutout to the ladies who are having the same problems that I was having. I totally recommend you this mascara!

 It’s not just a mascara, it’s Chanel…



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