Nivea Skin Care: The Face & Lips

Hello/ Ola / Bonjour/ Hallo Bloggers! Today I’m going to present you 2 skin care products I’m currently using for my face and lips. Those are Nivea Pure and Natural day cream and Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé. Take a look…
The day cream: Nivea Pure & Natural for normal / combination skin types
*for normal to combination skin types
*For all the ladies with a sensitive skin, the Nivea Pure and Natural comes in a special jar for you too!
Currently I’m using the Nivea Pure & Natural as my day cream which I love! Previously I was using a different brand but that didn’t work out. I have a combination skin which means that some parts can be dry and for example my T-zone can be oily like crazy! I know how hard it is sometimes to find the ”perfect” day cream for your skin but trust me this day cream is one of those! Nivea Pure & Natural gives that naturally smooth and soft skin, it enriches the skin’s natural healthy glow and it provides 24h moisture and freshness.
The texture of Nivea Pure and Natural is very soft, thick and creamy. As soon as you apply it on your skin, it absorps right up! No greasiness at all. The day cream comes in a medium sized jar but you can definitely use it for some months because you just need a little bit of the cream when you apply it on your face.The smell of the cream is just absolutely amazing. Very fresh and floral.
What I love the most about this product is the fact that the ingredients are 95% of natural origin. It’s also free from parabens, silicones, colorants and mineral oils. Don’t get it twistd though. This product is not TOTALLY made of pure ingredients. It does contain perfume and some other non natural ingredients. 
The Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé
*Niveau Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé

As for me, I am sooo addicted to different types of lip balms. This is something that is always have in my bag or pocket and I’m not talking about just 1. Sometimes I just have 3 different flavors in my bag hahaha. Am I the only one with this obsession?! Anyhow… I’ve been using the Nivea Lip Butter for a while and I must say I’m very satisfied with the product. Normally I buy Labello or sometimes Vaseline but I had the chance to try this product as well.
This product has a moisturizing formula with Hydra IQ which contains shea butter and almond oil. It provides intensive moisture, soft lips and long lasting care. The smell of the product is definitely a raspberry sweet smell! The only disadvantage in my opinion is the packaging. I really prefer lip balm sticks because then you don’t have to use your fingers. I don’t find it hygienic sometimes. The product comes in 3 flavors which are Raspberry Rosé, Vanilla Macadamia and Lip Butter Original
Overall both (the day cream & the lip butter) are really worth considering !!!


  1. 4th July 2013 / 8:20 pm

    Klinkt goed zeg. Ik heb een vaste dagcreme maar de lipbutter ziet er erg goed uit! Hmm!

    Leuke blog heb je zeg!

    liefs Rosie

    • 4th July 2013 / 9:04 pm

      Dankje Rosie!!! xx

  2. 4th July 2013 / 8:21 pm

    Yesss, Nivea heeft heerlijke gezichtcremes! Ik gebruik trouwens die grote blauwe pot voor mijn gezicht. I know I know, daar is hij niet voor, maar het werkt zo enorm goed. 🙂 De lippenbalsem klinkt goddelijk, I love shea butter!

    • 4th July 2013 / 9:02 pm

      hahahaha ach Cynthia als het werkt waarom niet!

  3. 4th July 2013 / 9:39 pm

    I love that lip balm! Nivea is the best! xx

  4. 5th July 2013 / 8:23 am

    nice blog,following you,please follow back 🙂

  5. 5th July 2013 / 9:30 am

    klinkt goed! de lippenbalsem heb ik ook en vind hem erg fijn! xx

  6. 5th July 2013 / 10:00 am

    hello lovely! the nivea lip butters are absolutely amazing but I think of nivea as a quite decent brand in general haha And of course we can follow eachother! I really like your blog, going to follow you on GFC and bloglovin now 🙂 Have a wonderful da!

    Andrea xx

  7. 5th July 2013 / 12:14 pm

    I love that lipstick too! and raspberry butter too 🙂

  8. 5th July 2013 / 11:19 pm

    Great product! And amazing review:)

    • 6th July 2013 / 9:06 pm

      Ahh awesome Yvonne! I would love to read a review about it on ur blog.

  9. 8th July 2013 / 3:08 pm

    Goede reviews!!
    De dagcreme is inderdaad erg fijn, ik heb 'm ook gebruikt. Hij ruikt ook zooo lekkerrr


  10. 30th July 2013 / 9:54 pm

    Die lipbutter van niveau ziet er heerlijk uit!

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