ilovefashionbloggers| Q&A Event.

Welcome back people! Last week saturday I attended the helpful Q&A event that was organized by the fashion/blogger platform ilovefashionbloggers.

 Some of you might have heard of it. If not, surf to to sign up for an account and share your style and blog! The event was held in the beautiful nhow Hotel in Rotterdam. Many other bloggers attended this event as well which made it so much fun! 

Jolique of ilovefashionbloggers (photo by me)
So the event started off with a presentation about the tips and tricks of how to approach a PR agency if you are a blogger and the DO’s and DONT’s. After that, a well-known photographer called Brendan de Clerq held a presentation showing his work during Fashion Week 2014 and other personal work. He is also the ambassador of Olympus. He showed us his camera which wasn’t a huge one but a very compact one of Olympus. You don’t always need an over the top big camera to create an amazing image.
Eventually after the first presentations, 3 very popular Dutch bloggers Negin, Yara and Linda came to speak. This was done by having a Q&A. Many questions regarding social media, site traffic and their blog were asked. They talked about their experiences and how they managed to reach the top. The experiences and some strategies they used were effective a couple of years ago so they gave us advice on how to build an audience when blogging has now become so blogger. 
Jolique with Linda, Yara & Negin
After the Negin, Yara and Linda held their q&a, the audience had time to ask the top bloggers some questions. We also got our goodie bag and everyone headed up to the ”after party” to have drinks, enjoy the music and connect with other bloggers. It was also possible to personally talk to Brendan and try out one of the latest Olympus cameras. Other PR agencies such as Press Only were there as well to connect.
The message of the Q&A with the ladies came down to one thing and that is to be unique and to identify your audience. The number of bloggers has increased tremendously especially in Fashion so it is important to add more value to your blog and content because eventually thousands of people are blogging about fashion too. So what makes you unique and what makes your blog different than others? Having the answers to this questions is the key!
Linda, Negin & Yara



  1. 28th May 2014 / 7:44 am

    Het ziet er heel tof uit! Nu baal ik toch wel een beetje dat ik niet gegaan ben…

    • 28th May 2014 / 10:54 am

      Ohh jammer! Het was echt super behulpzaam & gezellig! Er zal vast wel een andere komen aangezien dit echt een succes was!

  2. 28th May 2014 / 8:33 am

    Het was een ontzettend leuk en interessant event. Hopelijk komt er nog een vervolg 🙂
    Leuk artikel heb je er van gemaakt!
    x Sandra

  3. 28th May 2014 / 8:57 am

    Zalige fotos!! nice event, zo te zien…I missed it!
    Jij zag er goed uit 🙂

    Greets Jon,
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    The Kenzo Giveaway

  4. 28th May 2014 / 10:37 am

    Ik was er ook en ik vond het echt zoooo leuk! Leuke post heb je erover gemaakt! 🙂

    • 28th May 2014 / 10:53 am

      Jaaa het was echt super gezellig! x

  5. 28th May 2014 / 8:10 pm

    Super leuk geschreven, ik ben echt weg van je lay-out! Complimenten voor de gave foto's! <3 Liefs

  6. 28th May 2014 / 11:42 pm

    Het was zeker leuk én leerzaam. En erg leuk om bloggers te ontmoeten. Op naar het volgende event 🙂

  7. 29th May 2014 / 11:12 am

    Babe, I love love love your blue make up, WOWWW!!! 😀 Zie je wel dat kleur je mooi staat 😉

  8. 29th May 2014 / 11:13 am

    Babe, I love love love your blue make up, WOWWW!!! 😀 Zie je wel dat kleur je mooi staat 😉

    • 29th May 2014 / 7:41 pm

      Hahaha Thanks Jocy! xx

  9. 29th May 2014 / 3:28 pm

    Great blog post! I've been to events like this in Finland, they're fun! It was nice to compare them 🙂 You look amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  10. 29th May 2014 / 5:22 pm

    Zo jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn! En damn wat zijn je ogen mooi!!!


    • 29th May 2014 / 7:41 pm

      Ohh thanks Maja!! x

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