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john masters organics body scrub beauty products review
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Don’t you love the smell of a jar of good smelling scrub?! Today I’m going to tell you about my favorite scrub at the moment. It’s the John Masters Organics Body Scrub! One of the best body scrubs I’ve used so far. Scroll down to read more about this product!
john masters organics body scrub review
John Masters Organics has become more popular over years. Some celebrities are using the products as well. If you’re not familiar with the products of John Masters Organics, you might think ”what makes it so special?”. I had the same question but I’m glad to know the answer! This brand was created by a New Yorker called John Masters who wanted to create skin care products from natural ingredients which are also safer for the environment. The products of John Masters Organics have strict guidelines that every single product should meet. For example all products should be made with 70-100% organic content, no animal testing, no artificial colors, fragrances or fillers!
john masters organics body scrub review beauty product
I’ve been using this body scrub for about 2 weeks now & it’s belongs on the list of the best body scrubs that I’ve used so far. I tried the Sweet Raspberry & Orange body scrub. The scent of the scrub is really present. Once you’ve used it, you really smell like it, so choose the fragrance you like hahah! This sweet certified-organic sugar scrub combines 15 organic oils which helps to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin. The raspberry seed extract & the valencia orange oil nourish, tonebrighten the skin and sweeten the senses. This scrub doesn’t leave your skin dry but very soft and moisturised. Normally, I use body lotion after I shower but when I use this sugar scrub my skin is already moisturised and it also leaves a healthy glow!
john masters organics body scrub beauty product review
Picture from Fuse Communication
The John Masters Organics Body Scrub is available in 3 types. You can choose from Fresh: Lemon & Lime Body Scrub / Sweet: Raspberry & Orange Body Scrub / Relaxing: Lavender & Palmarosa Body Scrub. The price of one jar is $20. In the Netherlands they are sold for 34 euros. So if you know someone coming from the States, pass on your wish list hahaha! 
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Have you ever tried the products of John Masters Organics before? If so, which one?
Try out some of John Masters Organics below!
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