Dreams In Your Twenties.

jon the gold interview fir it's true blog

Happy Monday guys! Today I’m back with a brand new category I’m going to start on It’s True Blog and it’s called ”Dreams In Your Twenties”.  This idea just came up to me while I was thinking about me being in my twenties and how your twenties is actually like a rollercoaster ride. Can I even mention that it’s much crazier than going through puberty LOL?! Anyway, our twenties is when we actually get the know ourselves and experience life in different ways. We all have some sort of dream(s) that we are chasing. Some people are on their journey of achieving it, some have and some haven’t. Whatever it is, it’s a journey where we grow and learn from our decisions. So these posts will introduce people who are in their twenties with a dream who want to share their stories. Today’s person might be a familiar face, it’s the editor/blogger Jonathan Zegbe from the menswear blog Jon The Gold. Scroll down to read more of the interview.
jon the gold interview for it's true blog

1. Why did you decide to blog & did you always want to blog?

5 years from now to be exact , Trudy woke me up (as usual) suggesting me to start a blog. “Why Should I ?” I said. And she answered “Because you have a cool style and you should start archiving it somewhere” . Not knowing the concept of blogging  I said No. So trudy decided to take it a level further and overwhelmed me with all the links of the few male fashion bloggers out there. That’s where she really got to me. I visited all the blogs and suddenly I realised Trudy was right, I had to archive my outfits somewhere. And even better, share with all other men out there who need style inspiration on what to wear and how to wear it. Starting From that state of mind I founded my blog.

2. How has blogging and being an online influencer changed your life in terms of personal growth, personal development, experience and view on life?

Wow! I’m going to be 100% real with you…Blogging saved my life in multiple ways. Thanks to my blog :
  • I had the guts to persue my dreams & passion
  • I can be more honest to other people but most important with myself.
  • I developed my personal style
3. How does your typical blogging day look like?
Waking up early in the morning to publish a post and having breakfast. Most of the time its a bowl of cornflakes. 
Noon is the perfect moment for me to go out there and shoot some looks for the blog of course.
In the afternoon I often have a meeting planned for the blog. After the meeting I make time to create content for the blog.
In the evening you’ll find me in the gym or a bar with the fellas.

jon the gold interview for it's true blog
4. Has your social life changed in a way since you’ve been blogging? In what way has it changed or not changed?
I got to know so many interesting people who helped me realise how strong my voice is ( as a blogger ). And that gave me the confidence to continue blogging.
5. So you won the Zalando Blogger Award 2015, what does this title mean to you personally and also business wise? Do you feel you’ve achieved what you were looking for?
Winning the Zalando Blogger Award was a big thing for me because I never ever thought that I’d be an award winning blogger when I started blogging. For me achieving that award was a sign that I’m on the track after all.  Plus it comes along with great opportunities.

john the gold interview for its true blog
6. Which brand(s) would you really like to work with and why? 
Custome National because of their sophisticated urban style.
7. Is this something you want to be doing in the next 5 years? What are the plans for Jon The Gold? What can we expect?
Yes, I made up my mind a while ago… I want to be a full-time blogger until I achieve my dream job. Being a fashion editor for a men’s magazine or my own magazine. Who knows! 

8. What honest tips can you give others that are willing to start their own blog/online platform?
Be unique and go hard !

jon the gold interview for it's true blog
9. What’s your honest opinion about the whole blogging industry and what is going on? Do you think things are fair when it comes to recognition of bloggers and to the opportunities to be exposed?
What’s happing in the women’s blogosphere is not similar as the men’s blogosphere. 
You have so many opportunities as a male blogger because of the smaller amount of male bloggers per country . Whenever brands want to work with a male blogger from a certain region / country it’s clear who to pick, in contrast to the womens blogosphere. 
10. Do you think there is room for other bloggers to make it big in the time where Internet and social media is continuously changing and growing? Why, why not?
I think there’s always room for a new blog . But because the market is saturated with a lot resembling and copy-cat blogs you have to be very unique and very specific.

jon the gold interview for its true blog
photos by me
Jonathan’s blog: www.jonthegold.com


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