4 Reasons To Go For A Compact System Camera For Blogging Duties

the best camera to use for blogging

We all know how important it is to have good, quality, eye-catching visuals on your blog/platform. Therefore, it is important to know which type of camera can help you create those visuals. A lot of people at times ask me which camera I use for the pictures on my blog. The answer to the question is: Throughout my blogging years (5 years), I’ve always used a ”compact system camera (CSC)”. It’s also referred to as a mirrorless camera. I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you should consider going for a compact system camera for your blogging duties.

1. Price
When I first started out blogging, I didn’t have a huge budget to afford a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras. However, I did have one requirement. I wanted a affordable camera that can deliver quality images, as if I was using a DSLR. I remember going to an event some years ago of Sony. They were launching their Sony Nex collection (now called Alpha). They demonstrated the visuals it could make with the camera. They also talked about the prices for the camera range. I was amazed because In my mind, I thought it would cost more because of the varierty of functions and the quality images it could produce. That influenced me in my decision-making and I bought my first camera back then for about 350 euros which I used for 4 years! Be aware that the prices for a compact system camera can start from for example 300 euros and can go up to 900 euros or more. It all depends on the brand and the functions the camera has to offer!

the best camera to use for blogging

2. Upgrade with time
Another reason why I love working with a CSC is the fact that you can upgrade with time. For example, when I was starting off I just bought my first CSC without any additional lens or props etc. Through the years, I invested in several lenses to improve the quality of images. Most of the CSC have interchangeable lenses which makes it perfect when you decide to invest in a new lens to improve your photography skills. During my blogging years, I invested in 2 different lenses & it made a huge difference to the images posted on the blog!

the best camera to use for blogging

3. Compact
As it says in the name, compact system cameras are small, subtle, light and easy to take with you everywhere! Whether you’re going to an event, traveling, or creating blog pictures, it’s easy to take it with you without it taken a huge space in your bag.

4. Easy to use
One thing about compact system cameras is that it has been built for everyone. Even though you might not have a huge knowledge about photography, you will be able to use those cameras. The functions are clear and easy to use. This is something that I noticed as soon as I started working with system cameras. It’s takes just a few hours to really understand your camera and the instructions are not complicated at all. I’ve also noticed with friends that help me out with taking pictures for my blog. As soon as they start working with it, they already get the feel of it without having any photography background/skills.

the best camera to use for blogging
Shot with the Sony Nex 5

That’s all for today guys. I hope I helped you out on which type of camera to go for whether a DSLR or a Compact System Camera. I’m a huge fan of the CSC and till today that is what I use for all the images on my blog! If you have any questions about this topic, please drop them in the comments section or just send me an email. Tell me, which camera do you use for your blog?


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