4 Things To Keep In Mind When You Want To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

4 Things To Keep In Mind When You Want To Turn Your Blog Into A Business
Whenever I’m wandering around people’s blog at times I do see comments of bloggers who get so angry with other bloggers who are blogging as a profession. When it comes to blogging, there are two things. Either you are blogging as a hobby and have no interest in earning money from it or either you see your blog as a business platform where you want to generate money from it. Let’s say we have Blogger A who blogs because it’s part of her hobby and Blogger B who blogs as a profession (fulltime). Both bloggers will have two different ways of how they get their blog out there. At times I do read comments of bloggers who solely blog for fun that they are annoyed with how Blogger B promotes her blog, or uses social media, sponsored ads etc. Frankly speaking, that is how it works when you turn your blog as a business and when you actually want to make money from it. I’m going to share 4 things that bloggers should take into account when they are considering to turn their blog as their business.
1. Clear schedule
When you decide to turn your blog into a business, you will need to have a clear schedule. This is something that a lot of bloggers struggle with including me. Especially when you’re also in uni, having part-time jobs etc. It can get quite overwhelming but that’s when planning and scheduling you’re posts come in. It makes your life easier and it keeps your blog active. When you manage to schedule your post, you will always have an article on your blog for your audience to read. This will prevent your pageviews going downhill which is every blogger’s total nightmare. But the question is, how can you actually schedule you blogging duties? One word: planning, planning, planning! Write down the topics for your articles, pick a date when you are able to type them out and schedule them for a publish date…voila there you go. That is the magic of working in advance. This is a skill that you will need to enhance when you are turning your blog into a business.

2. Shamelessly promote yourself
I remember feeling so uncomfortable when it came down to promoting myself and getting my blog and articles out there for people to read. This is something that you will need to get passed it. See it this way… you love what you do and you’re proud of it right? Well why not show your articles to the world for them to read!
Furthermore, when it comes to promoting yourself and your blog there needs to be a schedule as well otherwise you can simply lose count and overpromote which is never good. It can create a perception as if you’re spamming or a little bit too full of yourself. When you schedule when and where you are going to promote your articles, you get a clear insight of what works and what doesn’t. It gives you useful information like which social media you get the most likes and interaction and which times generate the most likes.

3. Consistency is the key
When you have in mind that you are turning your blog into a business, consistency is one thing that should be kept in mind as well. One thing that can put your audience off is when you are very active one week and MIA the following week. That is not how to grow your blogging business. You need to be ON it every single week. I know all about how absolutely difficult that can be if you’re a student or have a part-time or even a fulltime job aside of your blog. But you can still make that happen, by actually planning and scheduling your blogging duties. I know at times it can be easier said than done, but the true fact is turning your blog into a business is not an easy job and at times it gets underestimated. Sacrifices need to be made when it comes to your time. That can be during the weekend or even before or after going to work or uni.

4. Your content might be sponsored
Okay so we all know that bloggers that are making cash from their blog have content which are sponsored as well. This will apply to you when you decide to take your blog to the next level. Your content can be a giveaway, a collaboration, a review, editorial etc. Whatever it is, as soon as it is an agreement between your platform and a brand, we are talking about sponsored content. I personally see nothing wrong with that however I do come across bloggers who get too eager to collaborate with EVERY.SINGLE.BRAND out there! That is the worst a blogger can do. Not for your platform per se but for your readers! Those loyal readers know why they love coming back to your blog so if you started off writing about pastries and all of a sudden you’re writing about laptops, cars or flowers, that’s a bit odd and not trustworthy. Okay I was a bit exaggerating here but to be frank there are bloggers that do it because they get paid for it. Be honest about sponsored content and let your readers know about that. I mean you don’t have to make a huge announcement of it or even make a big deal out of it but even just adding a hashtag like #sponsored just reflects some sort of honesty and transparency from your part to your audience.

I hope those 4 tips I shared today were helpful! Let’s have a discussion below. Are you thinking of turning your blog into a business and why?

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