4 Reasons Why You Should Go Natural

4 Reasons Why You Should Go Natural afro hair

This post today is for all the girls with afro-textured hair who are currently relaxing their hair to have it straight or simply to be in a position to tame it. And I completely get it because I’ve been in the same situation before where I was relaxing my hair for more than ten years. This is also not an article to criticize those that do relax their hair but rather to highlight some points to consider if you find your hair to not be growing and to be continuously damaged. These are the 4 reasons why you should go natural.

1. No growth for years
Before I went natural, my hair had a fixed length till where it would grow. It was just annoying that my hair didn’t grow for years. And not to forget my edges, I barely had hair there due to the chemicals that were always applied. Every since I did the big chop my hair has been growing and growing thick as well. My hair used the be light and now it’s medium course hair. 
2. Sensitive scalp
Another reason why I quit using relaxers was because I have a sensitive scalp. Every time when I used relaxers my scalp would be very irritated. I never used super but the regular relaxers and even those wouldn’t work for me. Right now, I don’t experience any scalp problems. I sometimes do when I braid my hair so therefore I don’t braid my hair that often. But the scalp issues have reducesd tremendously.

4 Reasons Why You Should Go Natural afro hair

3. Break the ”natural hair is messy, untidy and not beautiful” stigma
I saw how recent years ”going natural‘ was becoming the next big ”movement” for women/men with afro textured hair. In the beginning I wasn’t really getting it until I sat down and actually analyzed what the underlying idea is of it all. Since then I wanted to be part of this ”movement”. Having straight hair has been a beauty ideal for years in different parts of the world where women with beautiful curls make sure they have those straighteners at home to straighten out their hair. Same goes for women with afro textured hair who are also shoved with idea that straight hair is prettier, sexier, more attractive,  cooler, more feminine and so on. I mean let’s take a look at the wig industry. Girls are nowadays investing shit loads of money to get their wigs on fleek. Meanwhile they are having their natural hair underneath it. I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say that I don’t wear wigs which I do but I feel like we also need to be confident with our natural hair and create badass selfies on social media as we would do with wigs. I feel like some girls feel less confident with their natural textured hair than they would with wigs.
For me, it was a big change. Actually, a scary change cutting off the straight hair. I was like ‘‘I will never look pretty with this natural hair”, ”People are going to find this haircut funny or messy”. Going natural has thought me to love my true-self and that is this afro textured hair and not those straight/wavy Brazilian wigs. I do still experience situation where people don’t find my afro pretty or messy. But guess what, I don’t really care cause that my hair, can’t change it and wouldn’t change it if I could. My message to the girls is be confident with your natural hair as you would be with wigs!

4 Reasons Why You Should Go Natural afro hair

4. Afro is actually pretty cool
Since I’ve been natural I’ve been embracing the afro so much and I’ve been loving it. I remember that the idea of leaving my afro was something I wasn’t down for. But there are so many hairstyles you can do with a fro. You can create a feminine look, a professional look, a bit of a tomboy look and so on.

That’s it for today guys. So tell me, why are you (not) natural?

Check the video below to see what I use for my afro hair

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