3 Things To Do Before Applying For A Uni In The UK

3 Things To Do Before Applying For A Uni In The UK

Hi guys, my name is Carolina and today I’m going to share 3 things you should do be applying for a university in the UK.

London is well known as the capital of the fashion industry. People
dream about their career in this city, however sometimes they don’t know where to begin with. Probably, many of you have thought of applying for universities in London but maybe you don’t know where to start. I was in the same position
as you about a year and half ago, so don’t panic! In today’s post I’ll try to
help with the 3 things that you need to do before applying for a uni in London.
1. Start searching for universities that offer the programs that suits you best
The first thing you should do is search. The fashion industry is
very broad, so it is necessary to know what you want to study. Once you have
decided it, it is time to look for a university. There are a lot of
universities in the UK but I’ll give you an advice, what matters at the end is the prestige of the university. Find the list HERE with the top universities in the UK.  You can check out the programs that the universities offer and decide
what would be the most suitable for you.

3 Things To Do Before Applying For A Uni In The UK

2. Find out if your match the requirements

The second step depends on the university you choose but to give an idea you will need to get ready for certain amount of documents. In
my case, I was applying for a master program. The requirements for bachelor programs might differ from master programs.
IELTS: English Language Test
If you are non UK citizen you will have to present the IELTS
or equivalent that can demonstrate that you have the minimum level of
English that the specific university requires. Don’t worry
too much about you not having the level of English to cope with the classes. In the UK there are plenty of international
students and most likely the university that you’re applying for will provide you  with additional English workshops where you could
improve your English, I promise!
You will have to present a copy of the bachelor’s certificate and
any diploma you have acquired as Vocational Degree or similar. Do bear in mind that the certificates need to be translated in
English and signed by a notary.
CV, cover letter and references
Also, you will have to prepare a cover letter explaining who are
you, what have you done in your student career and why you would like to apply
for this specific master and university. Additionally, you will have to send a
copy of your current CV and two reference letters signed by a teacher or your previous employer. In the letter,  the referees will have recommend you by demonstrating your skills and capabilities and why you an ideal candidate for the master program.

3 Things To Do Before Applying For A Uni In The UK
3. Student loans
Every university in UK even if it’s public cost money and I can
tell you that the prices aren’t cheap. The good thing in UK is that the government
provides many student loans to students; the unfortunate thing is that masters are frequently excluded from loans. However each university has it own loan schemes and scholarship programs that you can apply for so be aware of that and don’t miss the
application’s deadline!
To conclude, it will be necessary to check what you want to do and
where you want to go fro the moment you graduate from the program. Try to think in a bigger picture and imagine yourself in 3
years from now. What I’ll also suggest is to save money. As you might heard frequently, London is quite expensive!

That’s it for today. I hope I managed to solve your questions. And the last thing…good luck!

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