How I’ve Been Feeling Since I Moved Abroad

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Goodmorning from Dublin! Wow It’s been ages since I’ve done a post about me and how I’m feeling and doing. Today, I remembered that this is what draw me to blogging. Sharing my thoughts and feelings with everyone who can relate to my story. So here I am again with a personal post. 
I actually don’t know where to start or what to say. It feels a bit unusual now for me to write my feelings and thoughts down. Anyway, so I’ve been back from Ghana since almost a month now and been back to my 9-5 work life here in Dublin. I have to admit that when I moved to Ireland in the beginning of January this year I was so overwhelmed with so many new things that was being thrown at me. Starting a fulltime job (first fulltime job since my graduation) and also moving to a new country that I’ve never stepped foot before. Trust me, the first few months were hard for me. And I mean hard. I would find myself crying and thinking why on earth did I decide to move to Ireland where I don’t know anyone besides my one friend who I went to uni with. And why am I doing this 9-5 working life while I have a lot of dreams I want to pursue.
There has been times that I would just stare at my empty suitcases and on the urge to pack my stuff, book a one way ticket and never look back to this experience again. But then I realize how fortunate I am that I get to learn some cool things at work that I can use for my blogging duties as well. I then realize that not everyone get to move/travel to other countries and experience how it feels like to live abroad. I mean I know I won’t be living here forever so why don’t I look at the bright side of this experience and make absolutely the best out of it? 
The funny thing is I don’t need people to give me a reality check most of the time. I do it myself. Right now, I’m happy. I feel good and my head is full of ideas that hopefully will be coming to live soon. I’m learning everyday to live in the moment of now and to enjoy every single thing around me. One of the most liberating feelings ever.
How I've Been Feeling Since I Moved Abroad
How I've Been Feeling Since I Moved Abroad
Similar dashikis here

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