The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don’t Want To Talk About

The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don't Want To Talk About

Hello wonderful people. Thanks for taking your time and reading another blogging tip on It’s True Blog. These articles are getting more and views which gives me an impression that you guys find them handy! If you can do me a favor, whenever you like an article please feel free to share it with your followers who you think would like these tips and tricks as well! Would mean a lot. Anyway, back to the topic… today I’m going to talk about something verrrrry interesting and it took me a while to figure this out. Let’s talk about The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don’t Want To Talk About.

The frustrations

Instagram… an app with more than 700 million users. Over the past few years brands and retailers having been using this platform as part of their marketing strategies. And bloggers have been using this platform to create an image/brand for themselves to increase collaborations, followers and reach. If you are a blogger who just recently started using Instagram, most likely you know how tough it is to increase your following number. If it’s growing, it’s growing slow. You are investing so much time in creating the best theme, uploading on certain times when you think you will get the most like, pre-scheduling your posts so that you can maintain your consistency yet the numbers aren’t going up. Frustrating? Hell yes! Meanwhile your other blogger friend who started around the same time is getting hundreds of followers each day. Therefore is also collaborating with some amazing brands.

The ugly truth

Before I talk about THE Instagram growth hack I want to sketch the reality and this might sound harsh. When you really want to get sponsored or initiate in paid collaborations with brands, they look at numbers first and foremost. We don’t have to argue about this. I personally think that only numbers don’t say anything but that’s the way it is at the moment. Brands are seeking for bloggers with a big audience where they know they can get a high ROI. So for all the bloggers who actually want to earn money, collaborate with established brands or make a living from blogging you gotta work on those numbers in the beginning. There’s is no denying here. Okay so what is the Instagram hack I’ve been talking about?

The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don't Want To Talk About

The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don’t Want To Talk About

You must have read tons of tips on how to grow on Instagram. Influencers will be talking about having one theme, use the same filter(s), consistency and post on specific times. I’ve been reading this over and over again and I’m like come on, these are not the CORE of growing on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong. These tips are very important as well but this is not the essential. The way to grow on Instagram is: engagement. You’ll be like wow tell me something new. No in all seriousness. Engaging with other Instagrammers will get you likes and followers. Now bear in mind I’m not talking about liking one or two Instagrammers per day. I mean liking/engaging/following more than 100 Instagam accounts per day. Yep it’s a lot but trust me, your following number is going increase before you know it.

But where do I find the time to do this?

I know you prolly have a 9-5 job, responsibilities at home, homework/papers from uni to write. I get it, it’s just time consuming. Well let me share another hack with you that bloggers don’t want to talk about. A lot and I mean a lot of bloggers on Instagram have been using ”tools” to grow their numbers. A lot of debates have been going on around this topic of getting ”help” in order to boost your Instagram following. Well you can do it the ”good” way or the ”bad‘ way.

I know loads of Instagrammers who bought their followers. Meaning they pay an amount of money and get an amount of ghost Instagram accounts in return to increase the numbers. What happens? No interaction whatsoever cause it’s either bots or Instagrammers that don’t give a sh*t about your content. Yes the number is there but zero interaction. Well I’ll pass and I definitely DO NOT recommend this strategy. However you can do it the good way of getting help. There a tons of Instagram growing tools online that can help you grow, create exposure for your brand and build a community. You don’t buy followers you buy their service of giving you a helping hand in liking/following other Instagrammers. Those accounts are no where forced to follow/like you back. They only do it if they find your Instagram page interesting. Do you see the difference here?

The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don't Want To Talk About

If you ask me I don’t see anything wrong with that. I have tried this myself and I grew from 6k followers to 10k followers in a timespan of 6 months. Yep 6 months. It takes a while because as I said you’re not buying followers you are paying for the service of interacting on Instagram. That’s a different thing. With those tools you also have the possibility to chose which Instagrammers you want to interact with their followers. This is great because if you have a similar style or concept to an Instagrammer you look up to, their audience might be interested in your brand as well. This is also a great way to explore new and interesting accounts.

Another huge advantage of using this is that great deals may come out from it. For example if you’re also a digital marketeer or a SEO strategist and if you have written it in your bio, you be contacted by brands who really would like to make use of your services! I have been using a tool to help me get more exposure for my Instagram account. It’s affordable, easy to use and a great way to find new accounts and also a fun way to grow on Instagram. Do you want to know which tool I’ve been using? I have written it in my e-book. I’m giving you all 10% discount. Subscribe to my mailing list and get the discount code sent to your inbox. This offer is until Wednesday 18.00 GMT.

Did you find this article handy? What is your opinion on this Instagram Hack I discussed today? Share your thoughts below.

The Instagram Growth Hack Influencers Don't Want To Talk About

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  1. 30th October 2017 / 1:39 pm

    I’ve definitely used tools to help me grow my instagram, never bought them though! It’s hard when you don’t want to face the reality that numbers are important! I am now steering more towards engagement because their algorithm is changing!! Great read.

  2. 30th October 2017 / 9:29 pm

    I’ve used a few tools to help grow my Instagram following, but my main method now is through engagement.

    I follow a number of accounts daily, and like other peoples posts. Even though my follower count grows slower, the numbers don’t fluctuate so much when I do this method. When I used tools I notice a bigger decrease in my follower numbers after a few days.

    Overall, I agree that engagement is key to Instagram growth.

    Btw, I really love your photos…high quality and very professional looking :).

  3. 31st October 2017 / 8:03 pm

    I never used any tool to grow my following. Only to see who unfollows me. I’m not sure about the whole thing as I find the follow/unfollow one of the most annoying things on IG. I mostly block people that play this game.

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