Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday)

Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday)Hi guys! Welcome back to another article on It’s True Blog. I’m always happy to see you guys coming back to read something new. Today I want to start with ”Christmas Tips” until Christmas. Christmas Tips will simply be about products that I use and recommend to you guys. The products that I will recommend are mainly gadgets, fashion items, accessories and beauty products. This will give you some tips about what to ask for Christmas or tips for gifting during the holiday season! So here’s my Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday).

Okay so I don’t have a huge make-up stash but I really look into make-up products that I know it’s of good quality and secondly that I will use for a long time. So I don’t mind spending a little bit more on buying some good make-up products. During these festive season, we probably have received our Work Christmas party invitation. Family dinners, parties, New Year etc are coming up. Basically this is the time to be looking into your wardrobe and make-up stash for the festive season. So scroll below to see the beauty products I highly recommend during this season. And as you know, those brands/retailers are having their Black Friday Sale!


The Better Than Sex Mascara is a mascara that I literally recommend everyone out there who wants volume and length to purchase. This is one of the few mascaras that does give you length and volume as if you’re wearing falsies!

Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday)


Yasss! I recently purchased a brand new full coverage concealer. I’ve always had concealers that were okay but still weren’t doing it for me. I have heavy bags under my eyes. Especially when I wake up in the morning. So I like to camouflage it a bit. I tried this one out and I was immediately sold! I bought the serum concealer in the shade: Dark to Deep which is light enough for my skin tone. This is also the darkest shade they have in this range. It comes in different shades and it’s a good price for the quality!

Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday) 

Molton Brown Body Wash and Hand Treatment

When I moved to London, I worked in retail while I was doing my masters. I had the opportunity to work for this British brand Molton Brown and I’ve been in love with the products ever since. The products are legit so rich in fragrance and gentle for the skin. I love to unwind from a long day at work. Taking a bath is also part of me rejuvenating. I love to have the feeling like I’m having a spa at my place hahah. The Oudh Accord & Gold is one of the body wash with the strongest fragrance. You will smell notes of oudh, cinnamon and spicy citrus elimi oil. And not to forget, it has 24K gold flakes in there! The Vintage body wash is the complete opposite of the Oudh. It rather fresh with a festive twist. It has notes of grapefruit, mandarin, elder flower and vetiver.

During the winter season, my hands get so dry. I always keep my hands moisturized. But because I always need a hand cream with a thicker texture, I don’t want it to be sticky. The Molton Brown Hand Treatment has a delicious fragrance. It has a very thick texture but it doesn’t stick at all. And it’s very nourishing and hydrating. Whenever I use it, I just want to eat my hands because my hands just smell like a bakery hahaha! You will smell notes of nutmeg, vanilla and myrrh oil.

Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday)

4 must have Red Lipsticks

Yes so we have arrived at the final section. The lips of course. When the weather gets colder and darker, I love to experiment with darker shades as well. At the moment, I am obsessed with matte lip products. If you do too then you’ll love the products below.

The first one is the NYX Liquid Suede in the color vintage. This is a deeper red/plum color. I think this color suits women of every skin tone. It’s hawt! The lip product is very pigmented and matte so you really don’t need a lot. I personally prefer this line to their main lip creams collection.

The follow product is MAC lip pencil, Nightmoth. This is color is more purple than red. Very deep. I love to use this when I want lip colors to last a bit longer. So I will start with the lip pencil and apply anyone of those on top for a bolder and lasting finish!

Another one of my classic favorites is the famous lipstick of MAC, Diva. Diva is just a timeless red color that every girl should have in their make-up stash. It’s not fire-red but more to a deep wine red. It also has a matte finish and it’s very long-lasting as well.

The last product is Milani Cosmetics. This product is from the Matte Metallic Lip Creams collection.  I don’t mind lip colors with a metallic finish! The lip creams of Milani Cosmetics are also very pigmented and moisturizing. And guess what, the lip products smell like candy!

Christmas Tip: Must Have Beauty Products (Black Friday)

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