The Power Of Networking And Where To Do ItHi guys, a new article here on It’s True Blog is long overdue. So let’s kickstart this new year by talking about The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It.

How many of you invest time in networking? Do you put effort and attention into it? Do you know the power of building your network? I didn’t realise the power of networking until recently. Without knowing, I was actually building a network of my own during my previous job I left two months ago. Building those customer relationships and keeping my customers satisfied was a another way I was building my network. Customers wanted to talk to me or consulted me for advice on their marketing strategies. When you’re building a network, it doesn’t mean you will ”need” to use the power of your network at that moment in time. But it will come in handy somewhere in the future. Whether for your own business, referral, finding new job opportunities, organising events, fundraising and so much more.

So where exactly can you start building your network?

1 – Your workplace

This might sound obvious but I know there are many that don’t take the advantage of networking at work. They are just colleagues and yeah.. that’s pretty much it right? No they can be more than just your colleagues. They can be part of your network. Have deeper conversation with the colleagues that you hang out with more often about what you want to do and where you see yourself going from now. Exchange this information and you will be surprised what creative ideas can come from these conversations you have with the colleagues you hang out with. Not only that, you will be surprised how much of a help you can be for each other. Even if it’s through your colleague referring you or introducing you to someone else and vice versa. The good thing is, when you or your colleague move to different jobs, you can still be connected and swapping interesting ideas. Your network is also getting bigger and so are theirs so it’s a win win for both!

The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It

The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It

2 – Your customers/clients

Not only should you be networking with colleagues but also with your customers. Start working on building longterm relationships with your customers/clients. If I have  to take myself as example, I’ve seen how that has helped kickstart my freelance business. I’ve managed to have them now as my customers which is simply the best feeling as a freelancer. So my advice to you is, invest time and try to help your customers in any way possible so that they seek for YOU and only you even when you even leave the company. This is another way you know that people are eager to work with you because of your skills, charisma, personality and so on.  Invest in building sustainable customer relationships because those are the ones you need in your network as well.

3 – Skills building and career related events

Career related events or events that help you polish or gain new skills are such good places to build and expand your network. For example if you are into digital marketing and you know that Facebook is organising an invest in your city, seek time to attend the invest. Not only to gain more insight on the topic of the event but also to find and connect with like-minded people who are also interested and working in this field that you love. You get to know people from company X, Y, Z which can be very helpful when you want to gain more knowledge on certain topics, organise events, collaborate, move to a different position and so much more!

The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It

4 – LinkedIn

Okay as for LinkedIn, I’m a bit sceptical. In my opinion, LinkedIn becomes a natural way of networking when you’ve seen or have been in some form of contact with the person before. From then, adding each other on LinkedIn becomes more personal and easier to network with each other. I personally dislike when I get requests from people who want to add me to their network whom I’ve never spoken or seen before. Not that it’s a bad thing but at least attach a short message with an introduction of yourself. I already get tons of impersonal requests on Facebook, I want to avoid on LinkedIn. I personally use LinkedIn as my digital business card at work and at events. LinkedIn is also continuously renewing their platform so nowadays it’s so much easier and also less formal to chat with your acquaintances.

The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It

The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It

That’s it on The Power Of Networking And Where To Do It. I hope these tips were handy. How important is networking to you and are you investing time to do it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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